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Working with Small Businesses in London

The biggest part of my job that I love best, is working with the smaller size businesses. I don’t know why this is, but generally speaking the people you deal with tend to be a lot chattier and friendlier – perhaps it’s because they are not bound by masses of corporate red tape – we’ve all been there.

I know when I worked for a large American company in London a few years ago, most of the staff were almost afraid to think.  Strange but true. Thankfully my latest projects have been with our smaller clients at work, so working remotely for them via secure access and telephone has been great – we’ve built up some fantastic rapport with a lot of them.

Here’s a video I helped my company make about our approach to working with small businesses who need our IT support services.  That’s not me speaking, but I put the animation and video together before it was uploaded on to Youtube – tell me what you think if you have any comments.

We’ve also got some additional videos in the pipeline and even included a Google Hangout for the first time ever recently… although the audio didn’t work out too well. You can see that below too.

More stuff coming tomorrow - thanks over and out!

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Hello and Welcome to My New Blog

So this is where I am going to lift the lid on the sometimes exciting life of a normal guy who works in IT Support.  OK, so most of the time it’s a bit dull but occasionally it can be a bit like that IT Crowd TV show - see the clip below if you don’t know what I am on about.

So, kind of how things are for me.

Anyways, I live in London. I am (predictably) single and hate my job despite the small occurrences of humour. I’ll be posting as regular as I can so keep it tuned and hope to amuse you from time to time.

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